Moodle module installation instructions

  1. Download archive from the software page of Online Dictionary
  2. Extract patch files from the archive
  3. Upload filter folder contents to corresponding folder of your moodle installation
  4. Login to Moodle as administrator and enable the filter in Modules > Filters of Site Administration menu.
  5. Patch moodle javascript file
    • Backup original javascript.php file located in lib folder
    • Open javascript.php file in editior and insert following code to the end of it:
      			if (file_exists(dirname(__FILE__) . '/../filter/creekeyboard/init.php')) {
      			       require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/../filter/creekeyboard/init.php');
    • Save the file.
  6. Check the filter installation. Reload a login page on focus on a text input field keyboard icon should appear on a left top corner
  7. Patch moodle editor. (this will add keyboard button to moodle editor)
    1. Backup original htmlarea.php file located in lib/editor/htmlarea/ and fullscreen.php located in lib/editor/htmlarea/popup/fullscreen.php
    2. Replace htmlarea.php file with lib/editor/htmlarea/htmlarea.php from the archive
    3. Upload plugin resources from lib/editor/htmlarea/images and lib/editor/htmlarea/popup folders to corresponding places of your moodle installation
    4. Check editor patch. When edition a resource in a moodle editor keyboard icon should appear on a toolbar.
      Module installation completed.
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